Cochav Hatzafon

Cochav Hatzafon – a non-profit Association- that has operated for nearly two decades throughout the Western, Eastern Galilee and the Golan, develops and supplies treatment, housing, occupational and leisure services to special needs residents of the region.

Jennifer Jacob

The goal.

The services are given for the entire range of disabilities (physical disability, developmental, intellectual disability, autism, communicational and sensory etc.) at all functional levels, to all ages and to all sectors. 

Today approximately 800 people (direct patients) are being assisted by Cochav Hatzafon services.

The aim of the association is to enable people with disabilities to lead lives equal to others, in comfort and with respect, whilst optimizing personal potential and improving quality of life. The association's frameworks provide a years-long solution and constitute a platform for optimal integration into the community, from a standpoint emphasizing the capability and contribution of the target population to society. The multi-handicapped centers are situated at the heart of the communities, so that there is a natural daily encounter between the various populations causing the barriers rooted in prejudices to break down.  

Why is the association special?

The uniqueness of the Association stands out due to its versatile nature, its evident innovative professionalism, and its outstanding environmental appearance, in the structures of activities and housing that it operates.

The Association is well known as a supplier of services and operates according to contracts with all the relevant government offices that relate to disabilities:
Ministry of Welfare (mental disabilities, rehabilitation & autism branches), Ministry of Health (rehabilitation in the community & rehabilitation of the emotionally injured branches), Ministry of Defense (rehabilitation, rehabilitation of disabled veterans of the IDF)

The Association has years of experience in the development of a wide range of solutions within the community for all levels of functioning and disabilities, from light disabilities to severe. 

The Association operates in the areas of local municipalities, regional municipalities and city halls – an expert in partnering in multi-system operations (with municipalities, sectoral organizations, nonprofits, and businesses).
It has an expertise in multi-cultural work - It operates in all sectors of the population – Jewish, Arab, Druze, and establishes services in small and large settlements.

Operates only in the Northern periphery of Israel as part of the ideology of creating solutions, answers, and places of employment for residents of the region.
Is experienced and knowledgeable in enlisting and activating volunteers 

“Mercaz Cochav” Therapeutic Day Care Center- Ma’alot

  • Therapeutic Day Care Center was created for adults with moderate and severe 
    mental developmental disabilities who live in Ma’alot and the surrounding communities.

  • Offers therapeutic, occupational and social services five days a week between 7:30am and 3:30pm.

  • Provides extended-day services for children (ages 6-21) with intellectual disabilities and Respite care to ease the burden on the families.

35 professionals

The Center’s staff consists of 35 professionals, including a social worker,
physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, nurse, behavioral analyst and rehabilitation instructors