Ministry of Social Welfare & Social Services of Israel

Jennifer Jacob

The Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services works to ensure the integration of people with disabilities in the fields of employment, housing, community and society and to promote equal and active participation in all areas of life to enable them to live their lives with maximum independence and dignity, to the fullest.

Carmit Cahana who is the Physical Therapy consultant for Ministry of welfare and social services, Physical therapist consultant-Fund for the Development of Services for People with Disabilities-National Insurance Institute Israel, and work with the Ministry of health and who specializes in Training and mentoring of health professionals, staff development, evaluating and providing professional guidance, made one of her supervision visits at Mercaz Cochav where for the first time she had the opportunity to observe the work and progress of patients due to the MOVE program.

From this moment, Carmit began to include in its educational forums for physiotherapists who work under the supervision of this ministry, talks and case presentations from the patients of the Cochav association.

The work on patients with MOVE was presented as part of her annual report to Gideon Shalom Head chief of the department of Welfare and Social Services Disability Administration, Who from that moment began to search with Carmit for options and communicate with MOVE staff in order to bring the training to Israel.

Thank you so much Carmit and Gideon for all your effort…..